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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Top 10 For 2010 - Part 1 - The Most Popular

So I wanted to do a top 10 list but how? Do I do my picks or the most popular. Well I couldn't decide so I will do both. First the most popular post. In part two we will do my choices for the best for 2010.

#10 Popular because nobody will just give a simple ratio for this. A one glass at a time recipe with things you have on hand. I though this was a stupid thing to post but it has been very popular.

#9  This took off after Christmas. A lot of left overs out there. It was great tasting and easy.

#8   A very nice and easy grilling recipe.

#7  This is an oven based recipe that is oh so simple and good. I have been using this one for years.

#6  Very nice and simple

#5 This is what I consider my one must try recipe. Absolutely wonderful.

#4 A very popular Google search landing point. That is one ugly picture...I'm sure none of you would need this.

#3 Lots of taste for very little work. A week night recipe that I do frequently.
#2  A recipe I do over and over in the summer because I'm lazy and love good food.

#1   A great choice, a quick and healthy make ahead start for your morning. Great taste, soft texture with flexibility of components. And oh so easy to make.




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