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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finest Kind Ribs

Ribs are a religion to some requiring hours of fussing to create the prefect ribs. They must be boiled, or smoked or who knows what else. Ohhhh BS...

I decided ribs should be cooked somewhat like I cook brisket. It's tough but responds to long cooking at a lower temp, sealed in foil. I have added liquid smoke but it is really not good.

Here is my original recipe... totally KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

UPDATE-Useful links
Recipezaar # 16732 - Gates & Son's KC BBQ Rub
Recipezaar # 16745 Gates & Son's KC BBQ Sauce
My Memphis  BBQ Sauce - You must try this

(printable recipe)
Tools: Wide heavy aluminum foil, 1/2 sheet baking sheet, boning knife

1 slab pork back ribs (pork spare ribs also are fine here)
Rub (you can find many recipes for rub or I use Gates from Kansas City)
BBQ sauce (again I use Gates)


Clean the ribs by stripping the pleura off the inside of the ribs (the tough membrane for you non-medical people).
Trim any fatty areas as much as possible.
Sprinkle heavily with the rub and rub in.
Seal tight in aluminum foil.

Cook at 300 for approximately 2 hours . Place the 1/2 sheet pan the next level down to catch any dripping.

Remove, open one end of foil and drain the fluid and fat. If you are precooking for later then re wrap and refrigerate or freeze. Or I frequently freeze prior to cooking and then add an extra 30 minutes to the cooking time.

To eat now, place on the sheet pan and open. Lightly brush a sauce of your choice on top (bottom is optional).  Finish off under a broiler or on a grill for about 4-5 minutes (per side if you did both sides) until crusted.

These will fall off the bones and taste great.

We use Gates rub and sauce (of course...is there anything else worth eating) (Gates Site )

Notes: These are very moist and falling off the bone. If you want it "dryer" open the foil for the last 20-30 minutes.

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